What's the best way to create an artificial intelligence?


An artificial intelligence will need to understand humans perfectly to communicate with them at their level.

It will need to be taught this by someone who has had to learn this from the ground up, someone with no natural ability for communication, but has figured out what they need to do so that they can be understood and survive socially.

The best person to teach a computer to speak is someone with autism.



I not only have a newfound respect for what it means to have Autism but also what that means to the people who are closest to those individuals
— TOM HARTWELL, Workshop participant

The complexity of the differences between the neurotypical and the autistic mind was hard to wrap my head around at the beginning, but I now feel able to be a much more empathetic and less selfish person as a result of the work we did
— EMMA MULKERN, Workshop participant

Through these workshops, I have now gained a deep understanding of how the autistic mind works
— SACHA MANDEL, Workshop participant

It was a really fascinating experience in which I learnt a lot about autism and a great deal
about myself
— AMY DOYLE, Workshop participant

A good chance they might result in a truly original piece of theatre


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